Lego Therapy Training for Professionals

New Zealand and Australia's only licensed Bricks for Autism trainer, Dr. Camilla Nguyen of Building Minds Psychology, is offering professionals the opportunity to become accredited in Lego-based therapy.

We are please to announce the dates for our upcoming Lego therapy training for professionals. Places are limited so please use the form below to secure your spot.

LEGO-based therapy is an evidence-based social skills programme for individuals on the autism spectrum and related social skills difficulties. LEGO-based therapy is highly structured and uses children’s own natural interests in LEGO to promote development of social communication and play.

This training is suitable for psychologists, teachers, RTLBs, social workers, counsellors, play therapists, SLTs, OTs and other professionals who work with individuals on the autism spectrum or related social difficulties. Upon completion of this one day workshop delegates will be accredited by Bricks for Autism, endorsed by Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge, and have access to downloadable resources to set up their own LEGO-based therapy groups.

Dr. Camilla Nguyen is a specialist Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist who runs LEGO-based therapy groups with children across Auckland. She has researched and collaborated with the pioneers of LEGO-based therapy Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and Dr Gina Gomez la Cuesta, as well as delivered extensive training to professionals in Lego-based therapy in New Zealand and overseas.

2021 Lego-therapy workshops

Training dates:


Please ensure you agree to our booking terms and conditions below before proceeding


Registrations are open until ‘sold out’ on our website. The workshop will only run if a minimum of 12 registrants are met. Registration fees include workbook, certificate of attendance, lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be sent in writing by e-mail ([email protected]) to Building Minds Psychology. If the registrant cancels or is a non-attendee at the event: 100% of the registration fee refunded if cancellation occurs up to 10 days prior to the event; no refund will be given if cancellation occurs within 10 days before the event or for non-attendance on the day(s). 100% of the registration fee will be refunded if the event is cancelled. Building Minds Psychology bears no responsibility for any costs incurred (such as flights, accommodation, travel expenses) or loss of income.




” I attended the Lego Based Therapy workshop with Camila in October 2019. She discussed the evidence and research and gave us background about the development of this intervention. The workshop was engaging and provided time for us to ‘experience’ the intervention as a facilitator and as a child might feel when participating in a group. I am currently implementing ‘Brick Club’ in a school I am working in. I am noticing significant progress in the children’s social skills, peer relationships, attendance and overall educational engagement. The children are giving positive and strength-based feedback to each other which is an ideal outcome. The teachers are noticing these changes in the classroom too! “