Featured in The Huffington Post

Camilla's work on Lego-based workshops was featured in The Huffington Post. Click here to read the article.

We are excited to be announcing our first professional training in Lego based therapy for 2021!

New Zealand and Australia's only licensed Bricks for Autism trainer, Dr. Camilla Nguyen of Building Minds Psychology, is offering professionals the opportunity to become accredited in Lego-based therapy.

LEGO-based therapy is an evidence-based social skills programme for individuals on the autism spectrum and related social skills difficulties. LEGO-based therapy is highly structured and uses children’s own natural interests in LEGO to promote development of social communication and play.

This training is suitable for psychologists, teachers, RTLBs, social workers, counsellors, play therapists, SLTs, OTs and other professionals who work with individuals on the autism spectrum or related social difficulties. Upon completion of this one day workshop delegates will be accredited by Bricks for Autism, endorsed by Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge, and have access to downloadable resources to set up their own LEGO-based therapy groups.

Dr. Camilla Nguyen is a specialist Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist who runs LEGO-based therapy groups with children across Auckland. She has had more than 15 years of expert knowledge in the area of autism, both clinically and academically. She has researched and collaborated with the pioneers of LEGO-based therapy Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and Dr Gina Gomez la Cuesta as well as delivered extensive training to professionals in Lego-based therapy in New Zealand and overseas

I am so happy that I can finally share my recent project with Play Included and LEGO Foundation to help launch the Brick by Brick programme (formerly known as LEGO based therapy) for neurodivergent children on an international scale. The filming was done in East Auckland where I am currently based and run Brick Clubs. I am very proud of the children who took part of this project and the progress they have made over time. They are the true heroes and superstar in the makings. This is the reason why I love my job! 

To find out more about this exciting initiative and collaboration between Play Included and LEGO Foundation, please visit the following links:

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